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Unlocking the boot loader for the Essential PH-1

Last updated: 2019-01-14

  1. Turn on developer options
  2. Settings - System - About phone - Build number

    Tap Build number until developer options are enabled

  3. Unlock your boot loader
  4. This will erase everything on your phone. All data will be lost. Make sure you copy everything you value off of the phone. The phone will be restored to factory settings.

    Instructions for unlocking from Essential

    Turn on OEM Unlocking

    Settings - System - Developer options - OEM Unlocking

  5. Disable automatic updates
  6. Settings - System - Developer options - Automatic System updates

    If you are planning to root your phone with Magisk, updates will fail unless Magisk is disabled before attempting to update. Disabling auto updates will result in a notification when updates are ready so we can install them after Magisk is disabled.

  7. Turn on adb debugging
  8. Settings - System - Developer options - USB debugging

    Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable and give your computer permission to do USB debugging with your phone.

  9. Disable lock screen code
  10. Settings - Security - Screen Lock - None

    If you forget to unlock your phone before you do the next steps you will have to reflash your boot image to stock, reboot your phone, turn off the lock screen and start over.

  11. Reboot to bootloader
  12. From you computer type this command:

    sudo adb reboot bootloader

    Or reboot phone while holding down the volume down button.

    The benefit of doing it with the adb command is you can make sure your phone is connected and willing to accept those commands.

  13. Unlock the bootloader
  14. Run this command:

    sudo fastboot flashing unlock

    Use the volume button to select "Yes" and press the power button.

  15. Do not relock your bootloader
  16. The instructions for unlocking your bootloader on Essential's site tell you to relock your bootloader. If you are doing any modifications DO NOT RELOCK IT unless you have restored the phone to 100% stock by flashing an image from Essential's site.

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