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FreeBSD 12.0 Random Notes

Last updated: 2019-02-24

Add yourself to groups

When installing, add your user account to these groups: wheel operator (like this--space, no comma).

You can do this later with this command:

pw usermod darren -G wheel,operator

It lets you add the user to various groups. Change darren to your own username.

To add yourself to a group:

pw groupmod vboxusers -m darren

Change your shell

To change your shell:

chsh darren

Note that you'll be using vi for this unless you change the editor for your account.

As root you could also use this:

chsh -s SHELL USER

Don't have mouse on USB hub. Xorg won't update until you move it.

Fix delete key

Make your delete key work *properly* in a termial

bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char


Load and unload kernel modules

To load and unload kernel modules (you can leave the .ko extension off):

kldload modulename
kldunload modulename

Note that sometimes the modules name is not what you'd expect. For example the em driver is not em. It is if_em. This was not obvious for me as a new user.

To see all the loaded modules:


Read the man page for any kernel module or even for the configuration files.

Midnight Commander broken

To run as user use 'mc -u' because bugs.

See here.

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