FreeBSD 12.0 Notes

Last updated: 2019-02-24

I've tried to keep the instructions in each part separate and complete. That way, if you are trying to accomplish one thing, the instructions will be for that one thing. To see all the settings in their own files go here.

There is a lot of help available if you search for it but sometimes it is still very difficult to find a specific answer. I've seen responses to questions that assume so much prior knowledge that I still can't use the answer. Truly a lot can be learned from the FreeBSD Handbook and the man pages but sometimes the Handbook is insuffient and the man pages raise more questions because they refer you to other things you just don't have the knowledge for yet. Hang in there; you'll get this stuff eventually!

FreeBSD is an operation system

These are my FreeBSD reference notes. I keep these for myself, but you may find something useful for yourself.

  1. Quick base (re-)install
  2. Random
  3. Setup NVIDIA card
  4. Suspend and resume (broken)
  5. Multimedia keys
  6. zfs filesystem
  7. Mounting drives
  8. NFS mounts - transfer files in/out of virtual machines
  9. Spotify
  10. Virtual Machines: VirtualBox, bhyve, jails
  11. Fonts
  12. Wireless networking (untested)
  13. Bluetooth (partial)
  14. Printing
  15. Updating
  16. Sound

FreeBSD Documentation

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