Last updated: 2018-11-14

Mucking about with the Essential phone

Consider the notes here as a work in progress... Things are in flux. Things break.

Hardware recommendations:

The manufacturer recommends you do not use the cable provided with your phone for anything other than charging. Instead, use a quality USB cable.

The Essential PH-1 does not have a headphone jack so in my car I use this bluetooth adapter to plug into my audio system.

I use these bluetooth headphones.

I also recommend this OTG adapter for connecting USB devices to your phone.

Fixing USB audio

The most frustrating part of USB audio (on any device) is the volume steps where one it too quiet and another is too loud. However, on Android it is possible to give yourself two separate audio controls (one for the phone and one for the headphones).

Settings - Developer options - Disable absolute volume

Obtaining root access with Magisk on Essential PH-1 with stock Android 8.1

The need for root is reduced if one uses Firefox with the ublock origin plugin and Netguard. If you are considering root only for adblocking and firewall you might want to check those as a solution first.

Obtaining root for the first time is different from retaining it.

For stock Android 8.1 I recommend using Magisk for root.

Obtaining root for the first time

Retaining root after updates

Building and installing LineageOS 15.1 on Essential PH-1

Building and installing LineageOS

Life without Google apps


Google's camera software works with the PH-1 but only if you have Google Play Services installed.

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