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Life without Google apps

Last updated: 2019-01-17

LineageOS with Google apps

If you install LineageOS you can also install the Google apps that you are familiar with using.

For the Essential PH-1 running LineageOS 15.1 you will need to go to and download a zip file with whatever you desire.

You will need to choose:

Platform: ARM64
Android: 8.1
Variant: nano

Until you read more on that site, stick with the nano package. You can download more apps from the Google Play Store.

LineageOS without Google apps

Before you undertake living without Google apps, look at your phone and decide if you can live without most everything published by Google. If you cannot then you need to install gapps.

My app selections for living without Google apps:

Using DAVDroid

If you want to use DAVDroid along with a google account (calendar, contacts) this is how you set it up:

Using location services

UnifiedNlp (no GAPPS) is from the microg project and also requires a backend where I have chosen Deja Vu Location Service.

You can read about the other location services and choose ones that you prefer. If you want to use mapping programs with best efficiency you should install some location service. Read about setting up these apps when you install them.

Be sure to have your location services set to battery saving.

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