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Upgrading LineageOS on Essential PH-1 using TWRP

Last updated: 2019-01-19

Upgrading is very fast and easy.

Use of this page requires you already have LineageOS installed on your phone (first time installers go here).

If the computer you are using has not been used to install before, do the prerequisites from the first time installation page.

Download my build of LineageOS with no Google Apps (or build your own)

Note: The first boot can take longer going from 15.1 to 16.0 so give it more time than before.

Upgrading LineageOS with TWRP

All instructions assume you are running Linux. These instructions are for Ubuntu with minimum version of 16.04.

  1. Turn on adb debugging
  2. Settings - System - Developer options - Android debugging or USB debugging

    Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable and give your computer permission to do USB debugging with your phone.

  3. Disable lock screen code
  4. Settings - Security - Screen Lock - None

    If you forget to unlock your phone before you do the next steps you will have to reboot your phone and turn off the lock screen.

  5. (optional) BACK UP PHONE:
  6. If you are moving from another version of LineageOS, then you should do this. Versions built with different keys will not read the data partitions of other builds. See note regarding keys at top of this page.

    Personally, I put everything I value in a syncthing folder and just use that for backup/restore.

    I don't know if this works; I got it off the internet!

    sudo adb backup -apk -shared -all -f ph1.backup.ab

    To restore:

    sudo adb restore ph1.backup.ab

  7. Reboot to recovery
  8. Type the following in your shell and wait for the phone to restart (your phone may prompt for permission):

    sudo adb reboot-bootloader

    To verify you can access the phone type:

    sudo fastboot devices

    If you see a device with the label "unauthorized" you forgot to give your computer permission to access your phone through the adb interface.

  9. Switch slots
  10. sudo fastboot getvar current-slot
    sudo fastboot set_active other

  11. Install TWRP
  12. TWRP gets written to the boot partition.

    sudo fastboot flash boot twrp-3.2.3-0-mata.img
    sudo fastboot reboot

    After a few moments TWRP will start.

  13. Turn on sideloading
  14. You most likely won't be able to control TWRP with the touchscreen. You can install Lineage without using the touch screen.

    If something goes wrong and you need to restart the phone depress the volume down button while the phone reboots.

    (NOTE: I had to unplug/replug my phone and wait until my computer acknowledged the phone before issuing each of the next two commands.)

    sudo adb shell twrp sideload

    The phone will show a message that sideloading is enabled.

  15. Install LineageOS
  16. sudo adb sideload

    (NOTE: Progress might appear to hang at 47% but the phone will show it is in step 2; be patient. The phone will return to TWRP main screen when it finishes.)

    (I don't do this but I expect you can install other things like Magisk or gapps here the same as above: sudo adb sideload

  17. Reboot phone
  18. sudo adb reboot

  19. Re-enable your lockscreen (and fingerprints if you do that)
  20. Settings - Security - Screen Lock

  21. Disable USB debugging
  22. Settings - System - Developer options - Android debugging

    It is safest to keep USB debugging disabled until you need it. Go to the developer options menu in settings and disable it.

  23. Re-enable your lockscreen (and fingerprints if you do that)
  24. Settings - Security - Screen Lock

  25. Redo all your after update stuff
  26. Turn on firewall

    Update adblocking

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